Emma Stone: She’s in the “Cruella” sequel

Emma Stone
She is in the “Cruella” sequel

Emma Stone performing in Los Angeles.

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Emma Stone will slip into the role of Cruella again for a sequel. The first film was a worldwide success.

Oscar winner Emma Stone (32) becomes Cruella de Vil again. The actress has signed up for a sequel to the Disney film “Cruella”. This is reported by the US industry portal “Deadline”. The first film starring her was released in May in theaters and on the streaming service Disney +. Worldwide, the strip is said to have grossed more than 222 million US dollars.

It was already clear shortly after publication that the real-life version of the character Cruella de Vil, known from “101 Dalmatians”, should have a successor. Several US media, including the industry magazine “Variety”, reported that the company was in the early stages of development for another film.

“A good sign”

When “Cruella 2” will be released is not yet known. In addition, according to “Deadline”, it is currently not certain whether the film will initially only be shown in cinemas or, like its predecessor, will also be available via stream at the same time. The deal with Emma Stone is a “very good sign for Disney,” it said. The reason: The model of publishing films in the cinema and on a streaming service had recently caused trouble.

Scarlett Johansson (36) is currently suing Disney because the Marvel blockbuster “Black Widow” was released in cinemas and on the Disney + streaming platform at the same time. Among other things, “Variety” had reported, citing the available court documents, that Johansson accused Disney of not having adhered to agreements made with the simultaneous publication and thus deprived them of possible income.

The group then stated in a statement that the lawsuit was unfounded – and described it as “sad and regrettable” as it neglected “the terrifying and persistent global effects of the Covid 19 pandemic”. The income opportunities for the actress, who has already received US $ 20 million, have even been improved.