Emmanuel Macron in Pau, to bury the hatchet with François Bayrou?

Alexandre Chauveau

Emmanuel Macron is in Pau this Friday morning to inaugurate the Foirail cultural center in the city center. He is accompanied by the Minister of Culture, Rima Abdul Malak, but also and above all by François Bayrou, mayor of the city and High Commissioner for Planning. The visit of the Head of State comes as the boss of the Modem demanded more consultation to vote on the pension reform.

Two days after having dined together at the Élysée, at the invitation of Emmanuel Macron and alongside the heavyweights of the majority, the Head of State and François Bayrou meet in Pau this Friday. The President of the Republic will come to inaugurate a cultural center and mark his political friendship with the boss of the MoDem, even if the relationship between the two men has been strained in recent days. François Bayrou had indeed made a dissonant voice heard on the pension reform, by marking his opposition to a forced passage.

It was partly heard since the text will finally have to be presented in December, for a vote by the end of the year or the beginning of next year. Three months of consultation therefore, as a pledge given on the form by the president to the mayor of Pau, who does not hesitate to mark his disagreements.

François Bayrou intends to influence this five-year term, aware, like Edouard Philippe, that the relative majority in the Assembly reinforces his political weight.

The French “Joe Biden”

He who failed three times in the presidential election, enjoys a leading role with the Head of State: appointed Secretary General of the National Council for Refoundation, still High Commissioner for Planning, the Béarnais likes to joke private on the age he will be in 2027: 76 years old, two years younger than Joe Biden when he was elected to the White House.

Way to show that he has not completely given up on his ambitions. This Friday’s visit should confirm that with Emmanuel Macron, the relationship remains friendly but frank.

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