Empty old town streets – “Now I’ll get my coffee to go”

Empty streets and closed shops: the city of Salzburg seems to be asleep on Monday morning. On both sides of the Salzach the streets have been swept empty. Only a few are drawn outside into the cloudy old town. A “Krone” local inspection.

Occasional strollers stroll through the Getreidegasse, a passer-by hangs his head. As if the weather on Monday had felt the dreary mood, fog hangs over the Salzach and the sun rather drifts behind gray clouds. The huts of the Christmas market line the Residenzplatz, but this is also deserted. Only a few onlookers wander through the festively decorated old town. “It’s very quiet today. But sad too. We came here from Linz especially for the Christmas market. But unfortunately it’s closed now, ”says a passer-by. A few meters further a Salzburg man is walking across the Old Market with a cup of coffee. “I usually sit inside at Café Fürst. But now I’ll get my coffee to go. I was the only customer in the shop. ”Many shops in the old town had to close on Monday. Yet those in lockdown have found creative ways to sell their wares. A shoe seller, for example, lures with models right on the doorstep. As reported, some old town shops were open on Sunday – the last day before the lockdown. The city administration found 35 violations of the opening hours regulation. The merchants are reported, there is a risk of fines of up to 1090 euros. But: It is still being checked whether there will actually be criminal proceedings.
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