End of land rights in Mayotte: “We don’t need less of a Republic”, denounces Manuel Bompard

The abolition of land rights, an effective solution to stem the crisis in Mayotte? For three weeks, the island has been facing the anger of its inhabitants, exasperated by a continuing migration crisis, to which they associate an increase in insecurity. Several roadblocks were set up as a protest and several groups drew up a list of demands for the government. In response, Gérald Darmanin announced that he would implement an exceptional constitutional revision for this department: the end of land law.

An unsuitable measure for Manuel Bompard, national coordinator of La France insoumise and deputy for Marseille. Guest of the Great Europe 1/CNews interview, the MP points out in particular an abandonment of the territory by the Republic.

Land law, “fundamental pillar of our Republic”

“Mr. Darmanin’s proposal does not appear in the list of demands that was drawn up. This is not the first time that in Mayotte, there have been significant mobilizations. The situation is indeed increasingly serious and unfortunately , it has worsened because the demands that were previously made by the Mahorese population have not been followed up on. There are massive investment demands to ensure that, for example, public services in Mayotte reflect and live up to what is expected of the French Republic”, explains Manuel Bompard.

“I believe that to resolve the problems of Mayotte, we do not need less Republic, we need more Republic and therefore certainly not the act of undermining the land law which is one of the fundamental pillars of our Republic”, he adds to Sonia Mabrouk’s microphone.

Land law already modified in 2018

Especially since land law in Mayotte has already been modified in 2018, recalls the member of La France insoumise. With the asylum and immigration law of 2018, a child born in Mayotte must not only have lived in France for at least five years since the age of 11, as in France, but, in addition, prove at the time of his request that one of his parents had been legally on French territory for at least three months at the time of his birth.

Another exemption, even older: when a foreigner obtains a residence permit in France, he can come and go in the territory until his permit expires. In Mayotte, the residence permit is only valid on the island. You must apply for a visa to reach mainland France or other overseas territories, details the newspaper The cross. “Has anyone, at any time, been able to say that this measure has made it possible to reduce attractiveness?” asks Manuel Bompard.

For the MP, it is necessary to put in place a major investment plan in public services, but also to relaunch the balance of power with the Comoros. “The Comoros have a responsibility to control the flight of their populations, but also to help them participate in co-development. The situation will not be simple. In my opinion, we must work on all these subjects at the same time,” he concludes.

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