Environment: Printer cartridges do not belong in the household waste!

Printer cartridges do not belong in the household waste!

Printer cartridges do not belong in the normal household waste.

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If you want to get rid of your empty printer cartridges, you shouldn’t throw them in the trash. The cartridges should be disposed of properly.

Whether in the office or in the home office: printer cartridges get empty from time to time. Then the question of correct disposal arises – far too often they end up in the household waste.

What to do with the old toner from the printer?

As with electronic waste, the following also applies to used toner cartridges: By law, users are obliged to dispose of these recyclable products accordingly. Improper disposal can result in considerable fines, which can amount to up to 5,000 euros, depending on the federal state. The reason is obvious: Toners contain fine dust – if they get into the environment, they pose a health risk.

It therefore makes sense to dispose of empty cartridges using the legally stipulated free return service at the manufacturer of the respective printer. Electronics markets are also accepting the used printer cartridges. Empty toner cartridges from the office and home office can also be refilled.

Recycling companies are proper recyclers

In addition to returning it to the producer or refilling, returning it to the nearest recycling center has proven itself. In this way, the cartridges are either destroyed or reused in accordance with the criteria for protecting the environment. Recycling centers also issue disposal certificates. This also applies to authorized buyers who pay fees for old toner cartridges.