Epic Games Store: Gods Will Fall free this week, a game that will disappoint offered next

No more frenzy of 15 days of free games from the Epic Games Store, which allowed us to recover the last 3 tomb Raider last week. We are now resuming the usual pace with the offer of a unique, but very appreciable title until next Thursday: Gods will fall, the action game facing the Gods of Clever Beans.

The download link and the official summary are available below.

Gods will fall

The sadistic rule of the gods over humanity has lasted for millennia. Thirsty for cruelty and suffering, they secure the blind devotion of every man, woman and child by making them swear an oath of fidelity. Those who do not submit to the will of the gods risk dying in excruciating pain.

Join a band of fearless warriors who will do anything to break the gods’ merciless hold on mankind. Every man and woman able to wield the sword and weary of the cruel reign of the gods will be called upon to join your clan of 8 Celtic survivors and rise up to face the legions of horrible beasts and minions that swarm in each of the hellish realms. gods.

A unique story looms with every decision. Triumph, and legends will be born before your eyes. Fail, and witness the sad spectacle of lives crumbling to dust.

Next week, unfortunately a title already offered last year will be highlighted: Galactic Civilizations III.

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