Eric Zemmour formalizes his couple on television: the reaction of Sarah Knafo revealed, and she did not appreciate it at all!

This Wednesday, January 12, during its passage on the antenna of BFM-TV, Eric Zemmour formalized his relationship with his adviser Sarah Knafo. But that obviously did not please the interested party, present behind the scenes that evening.

Will Eric Zemmour be a candidate for the presidential election? The former columnistWe are not in bed would have trouble collect 500 signatures essential for his candidacy. While waiting to find out if he will have his pass, the famous acolyte of Eric Naulleau has a storefront in the media, which he has been touring for a few months. This Wednesday, January 12, he was still invited by Bruce Toussaint on the antenna of BFM TV. The latter took the opportunity to ask him some details about his love life

Last September, your magazine here is had indeed revealed to you the existence of a liaison between the politician and his closest adviser, Sarah Knafo. “In the political-journalistic world, the idyll between Zemmour and Sarah Knafo does not surprise anyone. It’s even a classic mixing work and private life in politics, so illegitimate relationships go unnoticed”, we had confirmed a source close to the couple. A relationship that the interested party has finally formalized.

Sarah Knafo presents behind the scenes

When Bruce Toussaint asked him who Sarah Knafo was for him, Eric Zemmour did not go through four paths. “My collaborator, my companion…”, he listed first, before adding: “There would have been no campaign without Sarah Knafo“. But this formalization, which was not planned, obviously did not please his dear and tender, present backstage that evening. In the podcast The political service, Philippe Corbé, the head of the political department of BFM TV, said more.

“From his reaction, we understood that it was not something that they had decided in advance and that this was not a moment over the phone, that she was surprised… Not necessarily delighted“, explained the interested party. What would have especially made him come out of his hinges? “That’s what we remember from the show“, specifies Philippe Corbé. There was obviously a lack of communication …

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