Erick Morillo: Rape allegations are being made against the star DJ


Erick Morillo became world famous with "I Like To Move It" in the mid-1990s. Now a woman is making serious allegations against the DJ.

The famous DJ Erick Morillo (49) is faced with serious allegations. According to a recent report by the Miami-based broadcaster "Local 10", the police have been investigating the musician, who created a world hit with "I Like To Move It" in the mid-1990s, since December last year. New findings in the case have now led to Morillo voluntarily reporting to the responsible police.

In the meantime, the result of a forensic evidence test has been received, which was made after the alleged attack. According to the report, Morillo's DNA was detected. Now the question arises whether this can be explained by rape or consensual sex.

That is the charge

The 49-year-old still denies molesting a woman in his Miami property in December 2019. The victim, a DJ colleague from Morillo, told the police that they had a few drinks together in his house. Later she lay down to sleep alone, but woke up in the middle of the night – completely undressed. Morillo stood – also naked – next to the bed.

Morillo's attorney was confident of being able to prove his client's innocence despite recent DNA developments in the case. The British Daily Mail quoted him as saying: "It is important for the public to understand that the police report contains only allegations and that Mr Morillo is considered innocent. More is known about the story that is not in the original police report and I look forward to sharing this evidence as I defend Mr. Morillo in court. "


So far, none of the reports have revealed when a process can be expected.