ESI Group: transforming Singapore into a hybrid smart nation?

Photo credit © Reuters

( — ESI-Group collaborates in the launch of the DesCartes program of the CNRS in Singapore by providing its scientists, its expertise on hybridization methods and its virtual prototyping software solutions to the various stakeholders. The DesCartes collaborative program, lasting 5 years and endowed with 35 million euros, was selected by the National Research Foundation of Singapore and is based on the CREATE campus, ‘Campus for research excellence and technological enterprise’ , Singapore’s international research hub. Behind this French name hides one of the largest collaborative programs of the CNRS: the ‘Program on Intelligent Modeling for Decision-making in Critical Urban Systems’, dedicated to hybrid Artificial Intelligence.

DesCartes develops hybrid AI methods, combining AI with knowledge-based models (physics, engineering), to enable confident and real-time decision-making ‘people-centric’ and ‘in harmony with the company’. All in response to complex situations related to critical urban systems in the context of the ‘Smart Nation’ of Singapore.

The Descartes project involves the CNRS on the French side, as well as 13 universities and Grandes Ecoles (University of Paris-Saclay, University of Toulouse Paul Sabatier, University of Lyon III Jean Moulin, University of Bordeaux, National School of Civil Aviation, University of Paris Sciences & Letters, the University of Strasbourg, Arts and Crafts, INP Grenoble, INP ENSEEIHT, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris-Saclay, Grenoble-Alpes University, Côte-d’Azur University), and, on the Singaporean side, 3 universities (Nanyang Technology University, National University of Singapore, Singapore University of Technology and Design) and the A*STAR Institute (Agency for Science, Technology and Research). A*STAR is Singapore’s national R&D agency. It is developed in collaboration with five industrial partners: ARIA, CETIM MATCOR, EDF, ESI Group and Thales.


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