Ethereum and Uniswap continue to rise – Dogecoin in free fall

While Bitcoin and Dogecoin stumble, Ethereum and Uniswap are the only top 10 coins to keep the flags of the crypto space high.

After Bitcoin had celebrated a new all-time high in the course of the Coinbase DPO last week, the euphoria about the IPO of the trading platform now seems to have finally vanished. Compared to yesterday’s trading day, the cryptocurrency fell again, this time by 1.73 percent. At press time, the BTC price is at $ 54,660.


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Meanwhile, a blog post by Chris Larsen is making the rounds. The Ripple co-founder calls for a change in the Consensus procedure from Bitcoin to the proof-of-stake method to protect the climate.

Dogecoin continues in free fall

Dogecoin is also currently going through difficult times. After the “Memecoin” took an unbelievable steep climb in the past few weeks, DOGE has now finally turned south. Even the intermittent upswing of the DogeDay couldn’t really change that. In a 24-hour comparison, the Dogecoin again suffered a double-digit price decline. Overall, the cryptocurrency fell a full 16 percent to $ 0.2858. This means that the deficit to last week’s all-time high has already grown to over 34 percent, which means a fall back to seventh place for DOGE in the ranking of the top 10 coins.

An end does not seem to be in sight at the moment. Worse still, if John Bollinger has his way, this downward trend could even continue. The US financial analyst assumed in a tweet that the price of Dogecoin could even be halved again. The only one who could now undo this forecast, however, would be the self-proclaimed protector of Dogecoin, Elon Musk. The multi-billionaire has already triggered several DOGE pumps in the past with his tweets. You can find out which methods investors can use to benefit from a DOGE crash here.

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Ethereum and Uniswap hold up crypto flags

While Bitcoin and Dogecoin are stumbling, Ethereum and Uniswap in particular seem to be holding up the flags of the crypto top 10 at the moment. ETH has grown by almost 7 percent since yesterday. At press time, the cryptocurrency is trading at $ 2,473.52. This means that Ethereum is only 3 percent away from its all-time high and should test this area again soon.

However, the top performer of the day is Uniswap. The token of the decentralized platform was able to increase double-digit by 16.15 percent in a 24-hour comparison. This means that UNI is still on the upswing and only has a discrepancy of around 5 percent compared to its last all-time high. At press time, the token is trading at $ 37.69.