EUR/USD: downside risk dominates (AT)


Pivot point : 1.0840

Our preference : short position below 1.0840 with targets at 1.0805 & 1.0790 in extension.

Alternative scenario : above 1.0840, aim for a continuation of the rise with 1.0855 & 1.0870 in sight.


Breaking 1.0805, target at 1.0790.

Technical analysis
TendencyCalculated data
Technical adviceNeutralPrices as of 02/231.0824
Basic trendBullishPivot1.0840
Bracket 11.0805Additional distance 1– 0.0019
Bracket 21.0790Additional distance 2– 0.0034
Resistance 11.0840Additional variation 1-0.18%
Resistance 21.0855Additional variation 2-0.31%
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