European Culture Prize: These stars all appear at the gala

European culture award
These stars all appear at the gala

David Garrett will be on stage at the European Culture Award ceremony.

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Well-known musicians will be on stage at the awarding of the European Culture Prize at the end of August.

The European Culture Prize will be awarded on August 28 at the Bonn Opera House. The stage includes violinist David Garrett (40), singer Katie Melua (36), the Scorpions and trumpeter Till Brönner (50). The actors Tobias Moretti (62) and Jan Josef Liefers (57) will also be seen.

The gala will be moderated by the soprano Annette Dasch (45) and the journalist Axel Brüggemann (49). You can expect stars like figure skating legend Katarina Witt (55), ex-racing driver Nico Rosberg (36) and model Barbara Meier (35). Prize winners and laudators have not yet been announced.

In the spirit of the Beethoven year

After the event had to be canceled last year due to the pandemic, the evening will also take place in the spirit of the Beethoven year 2020. The Beethoven Orchestra Bonn, under the direction of Dirk Kaftan (50), will musically complement the award with pieces by the composer.

The tickets for the event are available for prices between 100 and 180 euros on the website of the European Culture Prize. From 7 p.m. the event can also be live and can be followed for free at MagentaMusik 360. The gala is also available on MagentaTV and on the channel #dabeiTV.