Evacuation of Mariupol on hold, truce in Yemen, late frost threatening crops, draw for the World Cup… news from this Friday

Most of the information for this Friday.


In Ukraine, the evacuation of Mariupol still pending. After several days of negotiations between Russians, Ukrainians, different capitals (Paris, Ankara, Athens) and international organizations, “exceptional humanitarian operation” desired for a week by Emmanuel Macron has still not been able to take place. Friday evening, the International Committee of the Red Cross, in charge of organizing it, announced that its team sent to Mariupol had to turn back, the evacuation of civilians being “impossible” at this stage. A convoy of buses would nevertheless have passed, according to the New York Times citing the mayor’s office. A new attempt must take place this Saturday. This Friday, several local sources confirmed the explosion of a fuel depot in Belgorod, a Russian city located about thirty kilometers from the Ukrainian border. A daring military operation in which the Ukrainians engaged. Russian authorities cited an airstrike carried out by Ukrainian helicopters, while Kyiv declined to comment.

Between the EU and Putin, the showdown over gas and sanctions continues….On the sanctions front, Vladimir Putin’s showdown with the European Union continues. Driven back by the military setbacks of his army and the flurry of financial sanctions that have befallen Russia, the master of the Kremlin is now brandishing the threat of stopping gas supplies. But an economic pirouette should allow Europeans to override this demand. All the information of the day on the war in Ukraine can be found in our direct.

In Yemen, the belligerents agree on a two-month truce. A truce and a slim hope of peace found. Warring parties in Yemen’s seven-year war, which has pitted pro-government forces backed by a Saudi-led military coalition against Iran-backed Houthi rebels for the past seven years, have agreed to a two-month truce starting on Saturday, the United Nations announced on Friday.

Football World Cup: the Blues know their opponents in Qatar. The “Peace World Cup” Fifa President Gianni Infantino dared in his introduction to the draw for the group stage of the World Cup. Before the first kick in a ball, on November 21 at the Al Bayt Stadium, it was time for the celebration all in rhinestones this Friday evening in Doha. Poured into group D, the Blues of Didier Deschamps, world champions, will be opposed to Tunisia, Denmark and the winner of a dam between Peru, the United Arab Emirates or Australia which will be played in June. To know the rest of the groups, it’s here.

Late frost on early buds: five days at high risk for French crops. The scenario is repeating itself again this year. After a particularly hot end of March, a cold snap loomed in early April. The temperature dropped by around twenty degrees in a few days due to a mass of polar air coming from northern Scandinavia. From this Friday and until Tuesday, the so-called “late” frost will strike again. Farmers fear another blow. Last year, this phenomenon had damaged a large part of the crops, causing more than 4 billion euros in losses in viticulture and arboriculture.

Fatal shooting in Sevran: the prosecution requires the police officer to be indicted. After explaining that he accidentally fired, the BAC agent now claims to have “felt in a state of self-defense”, indicated the public prosecutor of Bobigny in a statement to the press.

In Hungary, the scarecrow Orbán leads in the polls. Despite criticism from the opposition, which reproaches him for his Russophilia, the Prime Minister has multiplied gestures and gifts so that his party wins the legislative elections on Sunday. The whole country is plastered with photos of the Prime Minister in a navy blue jacket, with the slogan: “Let’s preserve the peace and security of Hungary”. Our report.

In Marseilles, actor Robin Renucci takes over the keys to La Criée. Between the active snowplows on the plain and April Fools, we thought the news would not break today. Our crystal ball got it wrong. After a month of debate, the municipality and the State have agreed on the name of the Corsican to succeed Macha Makeïeff at the head of the theater. This nomination has an air of accomplishment for the 65-year-old director, cantor of popular education.

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Profile of the demonstrators of the marches for the climate: “Jean-Luc Mélenchon now comes first in voting intentions” While the marches for the planet are multiplying on the occasion of the presidential election, Maxime Gaborit is interested in the people present in these parades. He reveals for Freed the latest results of its sociological survey. His interview.

Voting under Covid-19: “Come masked, preferably with an FFP2.” How to limit the risks of contamination during the presidential election of April 10 and 24? Mircea Sofonea, epidemiologist at the University of Montpellier, gives his advice and analyzes the government protocol. His interview.

Production taxes: from the right to the extreme right, the great tax reduction. By announcing that he wants to abolish the value added tax for companies, Emmanuel Macron has relaunched the debate on production taxes. From Pécresse to Zemmour, everyone wants to cut them in the name of competitiveness, to the delight of Medef. A new episode of “Programs 2022: at the bottom”.

Consulting firms: the nice gift of taxes to Capgemini. Beyond the McKinsey affair, the Senate commission of inquiry into the use of consulting firms also implicated Capgemini, another group fond of government calls for tenders, and which does not hesitate to use the tax optimization in Luxembourg. While a recovery of 17.3 million euros was to be inflicted on it, Capgemini obtained a nice discount lowering the note to 3.9 million. an info Freed.

In the Alpes-Maritimes, a very early drought. On the Côte d’Azur this year, it has only rained three times since Christmas and 98 municipalities are already on drought alert. The lengthening in time of these dry periods is a signal of global warming. Our report.

Fabrice Di Vizio, passion of Christ and conspiracy. A YouTube channel for reading the news “in the light of the word of God” has just been launched with the lawyer herald of anti-sanitary measures. He is associated with a pastor with a radically conspiratorial discourse and advocating a theology of money. A new episode of “IRL, influence of online radicalism”.

Faced with the war in Ukraine, India assumes its “neutrality”. The Russian Foreign Minister is in New Delhi, where European and American officials paraded this week. Very closely linked militarily to Russia, India could also increase its imports of Russian hydrocarbons, despite Western pressure. Our analysis.

“In Therapy” season 2: sofa and varied. The second season of the French adaptation of the Israeli series “Be Tipul” arrives on Arte. Gradually moving away from the original, she takes the side of anchoring herself in the post-containment context while changing her cast. “Liberation” met three of its new actors. Our article.

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