Evelyne Dhéliat: this regret that she has in her career

Evelyne Dhéliat was the guest of We are live this Saturday, February 26. The opportunity for the head of the TF1 weather service to confide in her years on television.

She regrets. Evelyne Dhéliat is an emblematic face of television. It was in 1968 that she made her debut and, three years later, signed a contract that changed her life. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of her career, France 2 wanted to put her in the spotlight on the show We are live this Saturday, February 26. The opportunity for the head of the weather service of TF1 to make confidences and revelations. “I have the longest, the oldest CDI of TF1“, she first confided. She later clarified that it makes “even over fifty because my CDI dates from January 1971, and it was Pierre Sabbagh who gave it to me. And I’ve always been on the first channel. At the time, it was the ORTF”, she recalled. If Evelyne Dhéliat is a regular at TF1, she admits, however, that she has a major regret … that of never having presented the television news. “When I started, what fascinated me was journalism. At the time, women was the women’s magazine, I wasn’t really interested in it, so I may have arrived a little early in the career“, she explained. Maybe I could have also presented the newspaper, 1 p.m., 8 p.m…. but it doesn’t mattershe concluded, still very touched after all these years.

She would have liked. “You would have liked? Why weren’t you offered it?”, asked Léa Salamé to her guest. What the main concerned immediately replied: “I would have liked, I would have liked very much“. According to Evelyne Dhéliat, it may be herlabel of weather presenter but also my way of being which were obstacles”, she explains. Moreover, she assures that she does not have “never made a career plan, but I was lucky to arrive at the right time. That is to say that when the TF1 house was created, we needed a person who corresponded to me”. So how did she get on air to present the weather? For the weather, when Michel Cardoze left, I proposed my candidacy. We told me : ‘You are doing a month’s internship at Météo France to learn anyway, a month’s internship in the afternoon with Alain Gillot-Pétré to learn the blue background (at the time it was a blue background) and to translate the weather maps Franceyou make us a tape’. And that’s how it went, she recalled. An internship which was beneficial for Evelyne Dhéliat since she spent 50 years on the TF1 antenna.

Evelyne Dhéliat: has she ever considered leaving TF1?

The weather presenter has been on TF1 for 50 years. Faced with Léa Salamé, she assures, without hesitation, that she never wanted to leave the chain. “There is great reciprocal loyalty“, she indicated. “I have always been offered great things. And it’s true that with the weather I got into what I wanted to do, that is to say journalism, she then estimated. Fulfilled in her daily life, Evelyne Dhéliat has every intention of continuing to live from her passion.


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