Ex-boyfriend: "That annoyed me the most about my ex"

Editorial reveals
"That annoyed me the most about my ex-boyfriend"

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An ex-boyfriend is no longer part of our lives for a reason. As sad as the separation may have been – today we are secretly happy to have got rid of some annoying characteristics …

Oh yes, there are reasons why we prefer to put the syllable "Ex" in front of some partners. When you are in love, the rose-colored glasses cloud some eyes. So it can happen that we break up, go through lovesickness and heartbreak – and at some point look back anyway and ask ourselves: "What the hell has ridden us there?"

Mistakes happen to the best of us. And somehow they are part of it. Because with each partner we learn more about ourselves, our needs and what we actually expect from a relationship. Above all, at some point we know what we don't want. And as long as we are in the middle of it, we like to overlook things that actually bother us – or just don't want to see them …

Hand on heart: What really annoyed you about your ex-boyfriend?

Unfortunately, it sometimes takes a little time and a little distance before our vision clears up again. If you're going through a breakup, our stories should cheer you up. Because acute still helps against lovesickness to become aware of the bad qualities of your partner – and to be happy that you got rid of them.

So we in the editorial team allowed ourselves to blaspheme a little. Or as we call it: throwing off emotional baggage. Don't get us wrong: Of course, nobody is perfect and everyone has their own quirks – just like we do. Our exes could probably write at least as long a list about us. That's okay.

Of course we don't want to hurt anyone. That's why we prefer to remain anonymous in this series.

Editors unpack: That really annoyed us about our ex-boyfriend …

Now it's your turn: What really annoyed you about your ex-partner? Feel free to exchange ideas with our community in our relationship forum – and together we will survive even the greatest heartbreak.