Ex-Intercontinental boss Herbert Schott lent Reagan his bed

Interview: Fabienne Kinzelmann

Herbert Schott (79) had it all. The former Intercontinental director met around 300 heads of state in Geneva – from Fidel Castro (1926–2016) to Ronald Reagan (1911–2004). “Those were the times back then!” Says the former host of the mighty in cheerful Rhenish singsong on the phone. For 35 years he worked in the “United Nations dormitory”, where the American delegation will be staying at the Biden-Putin summit next week.

Despite being a Swiss citizen – “after 45 years there they practically gave me this!” – The native German Schott now lives again in his hometown near Bonn. It’s nice there, he says. Only that the world is his guest, of course that is sometimes missing, says the top hotelier who is still active on the Intercontinental’s board.