Examination of Corona emergency aid: Small companies repay billions of euros

Examination of Corona emergency aid
Small companies pay back billions of euros

Subsequent checks with gentle pressure work, as figures from the Ministry of Economic Affairs on emergency aid from spring 2020 show: nationwide, a good 150,000 small businesses have complied with the authorities’ request to compare their actual need for corona aid.

According to a media report, self-employed individuals and small businesses have remitted almost every tenth euro of the immediate Corona aid paid out in the spring of last year to date. This is reported by “Welt am Sonntag”, citing figures from the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Accordingly, there have so far been 113,142 voluntary repayments amounting to 801.7 million euros, which have flowed back into the federal budget through the approval offices of the federal states. In addition, the federal states could have “obtained” 44,186 repayments based on repayment claims in the amount of 291.4 million euros. That makes a total of 1.1 billion euros – spread over 157,000 addresses.

Originally, the federal government had paid out emergency aid of around 13.7 billion euros to 1.8 million companies affected by the Corona restrictions via the federal states. Since the federal government wanted to support self-employed solo workers and small businesses as quickly as possible in spring 2020, it had decided not to carry out a comprehensive needs test beforehand.

In Berlin, the Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB) sent [email protected] to request all entrepreneurs in the city to check their eligibility for emergency aid by email. “We ask you to compare the funds you have used with your actual needs”, in connection with this she reminds that when applying for the aid, only an estimate of the liquidity requirements for the next few months was given.