Exploratory talks between the parties on the formation of a government in Germany

With exploratory talks in different constellations, Germany’s parties will again sound out the possibilities for a joint government formation on Sunday. One week after the federal election, the SPD and the Union are fully engaged in the struggle for a future federal government. The explorers of the Social Democrats want to discuss this Sunday for about two hours separately with the FDP and the Greens on a traffic light coalition sought by Chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz (63).

In the evening, representatives of the CDU and CSU want to explore opportunities for a Jamaica alliance with the Greens for the first time with the FDP. Before that, there had already been meetings between the Greens and the FDP. A discussion between the CDU / CSU and the Greens is also planned for Tuesday morning. Both the SPD, which had become the strongest force in the Bundestag election, and the Union would have to rely on the support of both the Greens and the FDP to form a government.

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