Fantasy Life i: The Girl Who Steals Time, a release period and an astonishing video comparison with the 3DS game

When he announced his Level-5 Vision 2023 IIthe studio had warned us of the postponement of Fantasy Life i: The Girl Who Steals Time see you next year. In the end, these are all its next games which will not see the light of day in 2023, but let’s move on. After videos during the Level-5 Vision 2023 and on the occasion of TGS 2023so he showed up again this Wednesday with a rather surprising video, since it serves as a comparison between this new episode and the original game released on 3DS in 2012 in Japan and not before 2014 for us. Obviously, everything will be better, because the opposite would be shooting yourself in the foot…

We are therefore entitled to a comparison of the character creator, who in addition to modernized graphics will offer additional elements in this new episode for even more possibilities. The wider screen of the Switch will allow for a wider view. Moreover, we will be able to climb on certain ledges to reach elevated areas instead of having to look for access. It is a safe bet that the level design has been modified accordingly. Even better, THE PE will no longer be consumed when we run ! On the content side, past a reminder of 14 classes (THE Live) already revealed, it is said that the mini-games have been redesigned to be simpler and offer more gameplay More fun. The decoration of our home will also make a comeback, with the addition of outdoor customization to arrange the island according to our desires like a Animal Crossing. Even the characters that we were able to discover at the time will be present again and will come to live on our island in addition to being able to accompany us in combat.

In addition, a more precise launch window has been communicated. Fantasy Life i: The Girl Who Steals Time should therefore be available during the summer of 2024 on Switch with a global launch which will include support for multiple languages ​​for its texts, namely English, Japanese, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, FrenchItalian, German, Spanish and Korean. An exact date is already known internally, but is not communicated for strategic reasons. It seems like Level-5 prefers to wait to see what will come out during this period to position itself well or whether it has to do with Nintendo if the latter ever publishes the game internationally as in the past. Brief, wait & see. At least if another delay were to occur, it would be minimized.

Finally, you will note that the game’s feature list is accompanied by the mention “other platforms undecided”, which suggests that Fantasy Life i: The Girl Who Steals Time may ultimately not only be released on Switch.

  • New features : Island customization / Landscaping / Character interaction / Exploring the Abyss / Traveling 1,000 years into the past / Gathering the Strangelings / New player actions / New classes: Farmer and Artist / Dungeon development / Book of collection.
  • Story mode : Avatar creation / Class selection / Familiar faces from the series / Main quests / Class quests / Requests from island inhabitants / Event battles / Rebuilding the island in the present.
  • Craftsmanship : City organization / Your own house / Houses of island residents / Guild houses / Building infrastructure / Placement of objects / Mascot shop / Mascot cafe / Change the design of buildings / Development missions.
  • Multiplayer : Coop for up to 4 players / Free exploration / Challenge quests.

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