Farina Opoku: The influencer announces the birth of her child

Farina Opoku
Their daughter Nola Kiana has seen the light of day

Farina Opoku

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Influencer Farina Opoku became a mom for the first time. The 31-year-old now announces this with sweet snapshots on her Instagram account.

Influencer Farina Opoku is in baby happiness because her daughter Nola Kiana was born. The 31-year-old now announces this with a sweet post via Instagram.

Farina Opoku and her husband Pouya Yari welcome their first child

Fans have already rumored that Farina and Pouya’s baby is born. Now the new parents have confirmed it online themselves. Under the four-part picture gallery from the hospital, they write: “The only thing missing was you Nola Kiana 08/06/2022. yesterday our daughter was brought into our lives. healthy and happy. this unconditional and unique love cannot be put into words but we already love you more than anything [sic]!” For Farina and her husband it is the first child together.

This is how the influencer announced her pregnancy

Farina works as an influencer under the name Novalanalove and has always taken her fan base with her on the journey of her colorful life. And it didn’t stop after announcing her first pregnancy, which she confirmed with a sweet snap in March 2022. You can see how Farina’s husband proudly embraces the influencer’s already visible baby bump in front of a dreamlike backdrop, while both look happily into the camera.

Farina’s community was very close to her pregnancy

Even after the pregnancy was announced, the 31-year-old always took her fans with her and now discussed her own pregnancy in addition to beauty and fashion topics. For this, she diligently posted new pictures of her growing baby bump, gave updates and even revealed the baby’s gender. Much to the delight of her fans, who just peppered the influencer with questions. No problem for Farina – she patiently answered the questions in the form of several Q&As, which she saved as a highlight on her account.

Will the blogger show her child online?

The 31-year-old also responded to the question of whether Farina would show her daughter online. It is important to her to protect her child’s privacy, according to the influencer. However, in order to avoid prying eyes and paparazzi photos of the little ones, she tends to show her child online.

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