Fashion trends for cold days: Guido’s style tips for autumn

Fashion trends for cold days
Guido’s style tips for autumn

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The days are getting shorter, the temperatures are dropping and it is high time to banish summer skirts and airy tops from the wardrobe and make room for warm clothes.

But what exactly is trending this fall and what should we definitely not do without? Fashion designer Guido Maria Kretschmer tells us.

Chic in knitwear

What could be nicer than sitting in front of the fireplace in a warm wool sweater with a hot drink and listening to the wood crackle while the autumn weather is wreaking havoc outside? Wool is THE must-have when it comes to warm clothing. Guido sees it that way too and predicts a golden age for handmade pieces in particular: “Nobody can avoid knitwear at all”. In addition to sweaters, the fashion designer particularly likes knitted dresses, which also deliver a great figure in combination with his next fashion tip.

Boots, boots, boots

This year, too, Guido Maria Kretschmer sees one thing far ahead when it comes to the subject of shoes: “It’s the autumn of boots,” he prophesies. These are often made of leather. Anyone who cares about animal welfare can rest assured that vegan boots are now available in more and more variations and from many different brands. And that in a wide variety of designs; It doesn’t matter whether it’s Chelsea boots, classic lace-up boots or platform heels. There are no limits to your styling of boots. But boots also deserve more attention in Guido’s eyes. So we are spoiled for choice.

Always warm

Coats are a loyal companion in autumn, and Guido thinks that’s great too. He was particularly taken with large, slightly oversized coats. “I think that’s a great trend”. The colors can also be adapted to the autumnal nature. The fashion designer is particularly fond of light colors at the moment. After all, a little splash of color never hurt a look.

Denim through the fall

Another must-have for autumn: jeans. “There are very cool jeans outfits and new types of dresses that you can also wear in autumn,” says the fashion designer. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a denim skirt or trousers – combined with a knitted sweater, coat and boots, we are well prepared and well prepared in terms of style when Guido Maria Kretschmer has his way. Then autumn can come!


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