Fatal accident: Robot mistakes man for vegetable


A tragic accident occurred in South Korea in which a factory worker lost his life.

A robotic arm caused a fatal incident in South Korea. (Source: natatravel/depositphotos.com)

The use of robots has long been standard in industry. Humanoids like the Optimus promised by Tesla boss Elon Musk are rarely used.

Most of the time they are robotic arms, such as those often seen in automobile manufacturing. Such robotic arms are also in use in a South Korean factory, according to a BBC report based on the Yonhap news agency. And here there was a tragic accident resulting in death.

In the factory, vegetables packed in boxes are lifted onto pallets using robotic arms. A 40-year-old technician was inspecting such a robot arm as it grabbed it and pressed it onto the conveyor belt.

The man suffered injuries to his chest and face and died a short time later in a hospital. Many people are now concerned that robots could become dangerous in the foreseeable future with the help of AI. Manufacturers like Boston Dynamics are therefore demanding in an open letter: Don’t use our robots as weapons!

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