February birthday kids: as rare as unicorns and as special

We are the unicorns among the born, the rarest among the rare and the winners in the zodiac circle: February born. Why? Read it yourself:

1. The statistics say: We are rare

Well, maybe the unicorns were a little over the top. But in fact, in no month a year are fewer people born than in February. This is partly because our month has fewer days than any other month, even in leap years, and partly because of the time of year. Perhaps more people would plan a February child if it brought Caribbean temperatures. But he doesn't, so there is no compensation for brevity. We say THANK YOU and feel damn special.

2. No month of birth otherwise unites creative star signs

Whether we are a dreamy fish or an ambitious Aquarius: in any case we are super creative. Both zodiac signs are considered original, distinctive and intense. That is why the neighboring children used to like to play with us and today employers rely on our original ideas.

February 3 children rest in themselves

According to a Hungarian study, we rest in ourselves and are very balanced as adults. This has to do with the serotonin and dopamine levels in certain development phases. The why doesn't really matter. We are just very balanced. Check!

4. We are almost certain of success

Perhaps it has to do with our calm nature that Connecticut scientists think we are particularly successful. Well, not only we, but also all the other winter children, but since we like to share watermen and fish, we are happy with everyone who, like us, leased the great opportunities.

5. Many great artists have their birthday in February

Whether Erich Kästner, Kurt Cobain or Chopin … many great artists were born in February and this is no accident. For some reason our right brain is particularly dominant and that makes us great poets, painters and songwriters. Ok, some of us only for particularly good Instagramers, children’s wall painters and lunch boxes. We do not care. Art is art.