First damage balance – 237 households and 5 million euros in damage

The Pongau district capital continues to clean up after the heavy storm with floods on Monday evening. The biggest problem is the amount of mud. In the meantime, the damage assessment is starting: 237 households were affected, half in St. Johann. Damage sum: 5 million euros

“Unimaginable” and “unbelievable”: District Councilor Josef Schwaiger was amazed in the “Krone” conversation at how quickly the ditch near the Reinbach settlement in St. Johann filled up. And how quickly the floods spread there. While the clean-up work is currently in full swing, Schwaiger carried out an initial damage assessment – only for the residential units: 237 households were affected – half of them in St. Johann alone. One reckons with at least five million euros in damages.

Without including the infrastructure, which has also been badly damaged: “We still have to assess this damage, it takes more time.”

Worry about full mudslides due to new storms

Mayor Günther Mitterer speaks of “major property damage to the two underground garages”. The trees near the settlement have also been destroyed. The helpers do their utmost, the cooperation is going well. But: “Unfortunately, we can’t do everything at the same time,” says Mitterer of a staff and equipment bottleneck. Priority is also given to emptying the mud flats: the torrent barriers are full of debris and should be emptied as quickly as possible in view of possible new storms.

Roads have also been affected: the partially torn B163 between St. Johann and Wagrain remains closed – and this for a few weeks. Wagrain can still only be reached via Flachau. The traffic route to Wald im Pinzgau and on to Krimml is only passable in one lane: it even jammed on Wednesday because dozens of tourists wanted to go to the Krimml waterfalls. And vented their anger about the roadblock on the emergency services.