Fitness: This exercise is the most effective way to get six-pack abs

Harvard study
This exercise is the quickest way to get six-pack abs

You thought the quickest way to get your six pack abs was to do sit-ups? Wrong thought. Harvard experts now reveal which exercise is best suited.

For years we diligently did our sit-ups and thought that it would be the optimal exercise for the six-pack abs we hoped for. But now doctors are… Harvard Medical School fixed: The classic is not as effective as expected.

Six-pack abs: Planks help better than sit-ups

Instead of sit-ups, the experts recommend “planks,” also known as forearm supports. Essentially, you get into the classic push-up position, just without bending your arms. Try to maintain your weight as long as possible.

Planks not only train the abdominal muscles (like sit-ups do!), but also the back muscles. And these are not only important for stabilizing the core of the body, but also for the formation of a six-pack.

“Sit-ups or crunches only use a few muscle groups,” writes an author in “Harvard Healthbeat“-Newsletter and adds: “Through dynamic movement patterns, good core training helps to train all the muscles that you use every day.”

The longer you train, the longer you can hold yourself in forearm support. After a few months you might even be able to hold yourself together – but it will take some time until then. Good luck!


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