Five reasons why we should go on vacation in Greece now

Hellas, we love you: Five reasons why we should go on vacation in Greece now

Despite the increase in VAT, vacation in Greece is currently cheaper than ever. But that's not the only reason why we should spend our vacation in Hellas. FOCUS Online explains what makes vacation in Greece so unique.

The first reforms that the Tsipras government decided last week under pressure from European donors have been effective since Monday. Above all, tourists feel the increase in VAT from 13 to 23 percent. Visits to taverns, cocktails in bars and clubs as well as groceries are therefore more expensive – including hotel accommodation.

1. Greece vacation is cheaper than ever

Despite the VAT increase, vacation in Greece is currently cheaper than it has been for a long time. Because hoteliers and tourism entrepreneurs do everything to bring holidaymakers into the country with cheap offers.

As an important economic factor, tourism accounts for over 16 percent of the gross domestic product: According to information from the Federal Foreign Office, the Greeks made 13.4 billion euros last year. A record year that they would like to top in 2015.

2. Souvláki, Ouzo, Sirtaki and lots of joie de vivre

If the crisis has blocked the view of Greece, we will be happy to help you: Hellas offers much more than just a cheap holiday.

Imagine yourself sitting somewhere on a Greek island in a small tavern under pine trees and looking out to sea. The smell of spicy gyros, grilled fish, fresh herbs, garlic and lemon is in the air.

A charming, chaotic waiter places a huge serving plate with starters on the blue and white table in front of you: salad with tomatoes, strong feta cheese and olives, stuffed vine leaves, grilled zucchini, warm flatbread and tarama, the rye paste.

I drink ouzo, what are you doing?

The main course is souvláki, the delicious lamb skewers or maybe a freshly caught fish – simply seasoned with herbs, olive oil and a little salt and pepper.

At the latest at dessert, the tavern keeper comes by personally and serves a glass of ouzo. Who can say no to this strong schnapps made of anise and fennel seeds, which helps even digest the most powerful acropolis plate?

After the fourth anise schnapps, even the laziest Teutone rises and, together with the host and other guests, puts a small Sirtaki on the floor. It's called joie de vivre!

3. Inventor of democracy and theater

What did the Greeks not invent: democracy, theater, the Olympic Games, ethics, comedy, tragedy … You can not just lazy on the couch and let the sun shine on your stomach. At least not all day.

The traces of the Hellenistic high culture, which started from 500 BC. from Greece, spread all over Europe, are omnipresent even in modern Greece. So get up and see the temple of Knossos in Crete, the Parthenon on the Acropolis, the sanctuary of Delphi and the ruins of Olympia.

4. Dream islands and dream beaches

When it comes to the holiday setting, Greece is absolutely top. Among the almost 6000 Greek islands, everyone will find their dream island: on Santorini, powdered sugar-white houses with their beautifully contrasting azure-blue roofs on the coastal slopes glimmer in the sun. Mykonos and Corfu, on the other hand, stand for party, exuberant mood and wild water action.

On Kos freshly in love can discover lonely bays and toothpaste white beaches that play around glittering turquoise bays. If you are looking for wild olive and pine groves, steep cliffs and mountain plateaus, you will find them on Zakynthos and Crete. These islands are also very popular with hikers.

5. Thankful hosts

Those who fear angry Greeks and ranting thanks to the tight austerity and reform regulations that the EU has imposed on Greece can rest easy: Many tourists report that the Greeks are particularly hospitable and offer a warm welcome to all holidaymakers in the country.

The ZOE Resort on the southwest tip of Greece, for example, even posted its "yes" to holidaymakers on Greece on Twitter:

In this sense: wanderlust awakened? Then go, pack your bags and off to Greece!

Travel tips for bargain hunters

Price-conscious vacationers are best booked through one of the Greek airlines. The airline Aegan Air, for example, currently grants discounts of up to 40 percent on flights to, for example, Athens. Holidaymakers who book directly with the hotels in Greece can also make a bargain.

The major German travel operators are also still offering good offers.

Price examples:

Ideal for couples: Sensimar Minos Palace, 4.5 stars, Crete

One week with flight from / to Cologne-Bonn and half board from 857 euros per person in a double room with sea view (travel period August 24-31). More information at

With a large entertainment program: 1-2-FLY Fun Club Cyprotel Faliraki, 4 stars, Rhodes

A week with flight from / to Hanover and all-inclusive catering is available from 716 euros per person in a double room (travel period August 18-25). More information at

Modern and pleasantly relaxed: Sentido Aegean Pearl, 5 stars, Crete

Seven nights in a double room with half board, including flight e.g. from / to Erfurt on August 19, 2015 and transfers from EUR 756 per person. More information at

For families: Smartline Sunrise, 3.5 stars, Rhodes

Seven nights in a double room with all inclusive, including flight e.g. from / to Paderborn on 25.8.2015 and transfers from 664 euros per person. More information at

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