Fling Alert: 3 Warning Signs Your Relationship Is At Risk

Attention, fling
Three warning signs that your relationship may be at risk of infidelity

Nobody wants to be betrayed in their relationship – here are three warning signs to look out for.


Being cheated on in a relationship is painful – experts are now sure that they can assess the risk of it by asking three main questions.

Infidelity is more widespread than many of us think: Statistically speaking, affairs occur in around 25 percent of marriages and almost two thirds of all illegitimate relationships. But no matter how often it happens: the breach of trust is painful and humiliating for those affected. Scientists have published a study in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy aimed at identifying warning signs of an affair.

Beware, fling: these signs warn you about it

The researchers collected data from more than 350 adults aged 18 to 75 years. In this sample, both men and women were equally likely to have fled, with women appearing to be more likely to be victims of fling. The authors of the study confirmed research showing that there are three main factors that can predict infidelity – watch the video to see what exactly the warning signs are.

Source used: psychologytoday.com