For very special customers: Last Volvo produced with a diesel engine


The last diesel Volvo is an XC90, a large SUV. He will be transported directly from the Swedish factory to a museum, where he will report on the end of an era.

The Volvo EX90 is the purely electric successor to the XC90 with a diesel engine. (Source: Volvo)

There was a time when half of all Volvos sold came with a diesel engine. That was between 2012 and 2016. But times have long since changed. Volvo, now in Chinese hands, wants to be one of the first large traditional automobile manufacturers to make the transition from the combustion engine.

After almost 45 years, the diesel drive at Volvo is now being completely phased out – at least this applies to the car sector, not to the Volvo Trucks truck division. The last diesel car, the four-cylinder XC90, rolled off the assembly line at the Swedish factory in Torslanda. The car won’t spend much time on the road.

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Instead, Volvo is transporting the XC90, whose electric successor called EX90 has long been presented, to the “World of Volvo” museum in Gothenburg. There it can be viewed there in the future by all interested parties and future generations.


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By 2030, Volvo wants to have restructured its car range to be purely electric. Volvo’s site in Torslanda has already implemented the necessary changes. Electric motors and other components for electric cars are produced here. You can read more reports about e-mobility here on Netzwelt.

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