Forbidden love – Next Generation: With Heinz Hoenig, the cast is complete

The cast for the new edition of the popular early evening series "Verbotene Liebe" is complete. Heinz Hoenig is also in "Next Generation".

In the middle of June the new edition of the popular early evening series "Verbotene Liebe" (1995-2015, Das Erste) was confirmed, now the cast is complete. Actor Heinz Hoenig (68, "The King of St. Pauli") is also part of "Verbotene Liebe – Next Generation" (TVNow), as the production company announced on Monday.

Heinz Hoenig as patriarch

Heinz Hoenig will be seen as the patriarch and fashion czar Robert Verhoven. As the owner of the international fashion company Verhoven, he runs it with a hard hand, according to the prior notice. Robert Verhoven has three children: Alexander Verhoven (Frederik Götz, 32, "Tonio & Julia"), Livia (Livia Matthes, 30, "The Bull and the Beast") and baby Paul (Lennart Betzgen, 24, "Magda does it ").

Alexander Verhoven is Deputy CEO of the "Verhoven" label and founder and CFO of the "Greenlights" label. He falls in love at first sight with the single mother and fashion management student Josefin Reinhard (Sina Zadra, born 1990, "Family Dr. Kleist"), who her friend Mia Ulrich (Anuschka daughter man, 26, "Spring") in the alternative Fashion store "Fräulein Grün" in Düsseldorf supported. Sina Zadra and Frederik Götz were introduced as the new lovers in the series back in July.

Asli Melisa Uzun (25, "Miss Turkey 2015") will play model and influencer Bobbi Atakan, Martin Walde (33, "Lindenstrasse") will play the down-to-earth carpenter Finn Rogel, who is also the father of Josefin's daughter Ava. Stephanie Japp (48, "Bad Banks") slips into the role of the wife of the company patriarch.

These original characters are making a comeback

It was already known that the fans can look forward to some comebacks: Carla von Lahnstein (Claudia Hiersche, 43) is returning as an event organizer. Ansgar von Lahnstein (Wolfram Grandezka, 50) is released from prison after five years. Charlie Schneider (Gabriele Metzger, 60) is still in charge of "Schneiders". Her nephew, Oliver Sabel (Jo Weil, 43), is still enjoying success as a model. And the dreaded Countess Clarissa von Anstetten (Isa Jank, 68) will even have "a special appearance".

The wait is over in winter

"Verbotene Liebe – Next Generation" will be filmed in Düsseldorf, Cologne and Belgium until mid-October 2020. The 45-minute episodes will be shown exclusively on TVNow from winter 2020 on a weekly basis.