Fox hunt in Hertfordshire: rider is filmed mistreating her horse

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Animal welfare organization publishes video of horse abuse

Fox hunting is a popular hobby of the nobility in England. Since 2005, however, it has only been permitted to a limited extent.


During the fox hunt in Hertfordshire, England, a participant hit and abused a horse. Animal rights activists filmed them and have now published the video.

Fox hunting is a popular leisure activity for the nobility and upper class in England. The hunt for live animals has been banned since 2005, but it is still practiced using an artificial scent trail. Now the anti-hunting organization “Hertfordshire Hunt Saboteurs” recorded a terrifying scene at an event and published the material.

Fox hunting in England – rider badly mistreated horse

The fact that it is not only the hunted who can be tormented during a fox hunt can be clearly seen in these hard-to-bear recordings: a horse shrinks fearfully from a woman until she angrily loses control of herself and hits the animal unrestrainedly. Now the rider is being investigated – in the video you can get your own picture of the terrifying scene.

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