freewheeling actors and shootouts galore


Opportunistic sequel to a successful action comedy, Hitman & Bodygard 2 features a fallen bodyguard (Ryan Reynolds) and a hitman (Samuel Jackson) who circumstances will lead to fight against a Greek billionaire (improbable Antonio Banderas) determined to avenge, by spreading a computer virus, the humiliation suffered by Greece victim of the economic sanctions of the European Union.

From this perfectly absurd pretext, for nearly two hours, characters reduced to cartoon figures will be agitated. The principle of the film is simple: do not let breathe, nor think, a spectator bombarded with violent adventures, shootings of all kinds and sometimes very funny valves, sometimes not at all.

The actors, for the most part in freewheeling, make tons of it, with nevertheless a mention for Samuel Jackson whose comic genius really bursts. However, it happens that, from time to time, the film hits the mark and triggers a burst of laughter from the most jaded of fans.

American film by Patrick Hugues. With Ryan Reynolds, Samuel Jackson, Salma Hayek (1h57). On the Web :