Freeze dishes – the best recipes


We all know it: we overestimated ourselves and prepared too much, or it wasn't eaten as much as expected. But we also like to cook an extra portion to have ready on stressful days. Why not, is extremely practical – and if we are already there ?! We present freezing dishes so that you always have something delicious in the freezer!

Food for freezing

Not all foods belong in the freezer. It is not advisable to freeze potatoes, as the consistency changes significantly and it simply becomes unappetizing. Vegetables with a high water content (e.g. zucchini or cucumber) are also unsuitable because they quickly become mushy. The following types of vegetables can be frozen, for example:

  • Carrots
  • Peas
  • broccoli
  • Beans

So if you could not consume all of the vegetables, you can now make it durable. Tip: blanch before! Hard and sliced ​​cheese can be frozen, but this is not the case with soft and cream cheese. Milk and cream should also be bought fresh.

Generally can Fish, meat, soups and sauces freeze well. Fish, meat and vegetables keep frozen for about six to twelve months. Ready cooked recipes up to three months.

Delicious dishes to freeze

Would you like to pre-cook several servings or have a base ready? These recipes are suitable for freezing. Sometimes it is quite possible that the consistency of the food changes, i.e. H. not that it's no longer edible. On the contrary: some things taste even better later!



Tip: Not only whole dishes, you can also freeze pasta, so you always have a portion for noodle soup or a casserole at hand!

Soups and sauces


Freeze food: you should still pay attention to this

  • The food should always have cooled down before it is frozen
  • Freeze the dishes airtight
  • Depending on the dish, it makes sense to freeze it in portions so that if necessary, not everything has to be thawed and too much thrown away
  • Slowly thaw frozen food in the refrigerator

Alternative methods

Freezing is a great way to preserve food and enjoy it later. That too dry This effect is achieved by certain foods, for example drying herbs or drying apple rings. Vegetables are great for fermenting and boiling down. To the Can Fruit types as well as stews and soups are also suitable.

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