From March 31, one euro not reimbursed on boxes of medicine

Faced with the deterioration of Social Security accounts, the government announced in January its intention to make social security policyholders pay a little more for their healthcare consumption, by increasing the unreimbursed portion. Published in the Official Journal this Saturday, the decree on the doubling of the medical franchise – the amount which remains the responsibility of the patient -, from 50 cents to one euro on each box of medicines, will come into force on March 31.

The franchise on medical transport also doubled

The exemption on medical transport is also doubled from 2 to 4 euros, again from March 31, according to the Official Journal. The “flat rate contribution” on consultations and medical procedures (with the exception of those carried out during hospitalization) as well as on medical biology examinations and analyzes is also doubled, to 2 euros. This measure comes into force from Sunday, according to another decree published on Saturday in the OJ

So that people with the greatest need for care are not penalized, the government is maintaining each of the two annual ceilings at 50 euros (one for deductibles, the other for fixed contributions). The deductibles and lump sum reimbursements are not applicable “to minors, to women who benefit from maternity insurance” and “to beneficiaries of complementary solidarity health insurance”, who have particularly modest incomes.

Increases criticized by patient associations

Patient associations strongly criticized these increases, fearing in particular their effect on the most precarious. “Making people who are sick pay double is not how we make people responsible. We make them feel guilty,” Gérard Raymond, president of France Assos Santé, told AFP in January.

According to government estimates communicated in the fall, during debates on the 2024 Health budget, the measure should allow 800 million euros in savings for Social Security funds.

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