From Russian anti-satellite fire to space warfare? Ask your questions to our journalists

  • Russia confirmed on Tuesday November 16 that it has “Successfully carried out Monday, November 15 a test” of a weapon that targeted a now unused Russian satellite, which had been in orbit since 1982. This test shot was carried out “In strict accordance with international law and has not been directed against anyone”, added the Russian Foreign Ministry.
  • The seven occupants of the International Space Station (ISS) – four Americans, two Russians and a German – had to take refuge in their ships moored at the station to allow their evacuation if necessary due to the danger posed by the debris produced by destruction of the satellite.
  • Despite denials from Moscow, NASA boss Bill Nelson said he was “Scandalized” by this action “Destabilizing” also posing risks to the Chinese station. Debris field created by Russian firing will threaten space activities, says U.S. diplomat Antony Blinken “For decades”. “Space raiders have an overwhelming responsibility by generating debris that pollutes and puts our astronauts and satellites in danger”, reacted the French Minister of the Armies, Florence Parly, when France launches three new spy satellites.
  • The incident also rekindled fears that space would turn into a battleground between great powers, eager to experiment with new military technologies.

  • NATO has already decided to consider that “Attacks directed towards space, from space, or in space” represented “ a real challenge ” for the security of the Alliance.

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