“Front wheel blocked” – Aesculapian snake “explores” the bike from a weather expert

Ubimet chief meteorologist Manfred Spatzierer is not afraid of snakes. As a weather expert, the Viennese of course constantly observes nature and was surprised himself when he spotted a curious snake on a mountain bike in the Au near Fischamend (Lower Austria) on Friday afternoon.

“Instead of fleeing, the Aesculapian snake inspected my bike and blocked the front wheel,” says Spatzierer. It is the largest snake living in Austria. It reaches a length of up to two meters and is non-toxic. The reptile bears the name of the Roman god Aesculapius, the god of healing. That is why the Aesculapian snake is used as a symbol in medicine and pharmacy.

The body color ranges from olive green to gray-brown to dark gray. The color of the abdomen goes from yellow to whitish. The Aesculapian snake is excellent at climbing trees by spreading its scales. But she prefers to meander on warm, damp ground in the low underbrush than on bicycles.

Mild start to the week
Incidentally, as far as Spatzierer’s weather forecast is concerned, we will be able to enjoy being outdoors again in the coming days. Because a mild south-westerly current ensures a golden October next week.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday it will be warm. In the valleys of Carinthia, in the Mur-Mürz valley and in the Danube region, however, thick fog lingers in the morning. Temperatures of up to 23 degrees are expected in the northern Alps on Wednesday. Cooling down can be expected in the second half of the week.

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