Gabriel Attal: his mother stepped up to the plate against his detractors

Thursday, December 30, 2021, our colleagues from Point revealed that Gabriel Attal’s mother took his defense on social media by responding to his detractors. Her way of supporting him.

In January 2021, Gabriel Attal relayed a nauseating missive which he had been the recipient of. The government spokesperson deplored read this kind of anti-Semitic messages again and homophobic. “Not used to relaying the garbage that I receive. At the start of the year, I am making an exception. Racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, sexism: let’s never take our values ​​for granted, the fight must be permanent. This letter is further proof of that. Complaint filed. “, he wrote in the caption on Instagram.

Gabriel Attal had taken a picture of the envelope that contained this letter. Next to the mailing address were drawn yellow and pink stars reminiscent of those worn by Jews and homosexuals during World War II. In the letter, Gabriel Attal is treated of “PD, youpin, Macron sucker”, but is also threatened with death: “We will do your skin. Garbage, we burn it“.

Gabriel Attal can count on his mother

Thursday, December 30, 2021, our colleagues from Point revealed that Gabriel Attal’s mother resented the insults and threats her son has suffered since he became government spokesman. “Violence has always made her mother shudder. Even today, she trembles at threats of death and attacks, homophobic and anti-Semitic that he undergoes “, describe our colleagues. And Gabriel Attal’s mother is determined not to let this happen. On social networks, Marie de Couriss sided with her son. She responds in particular to people who attack Gabriel Attal: “She openly replied from her personal account: ‘I am Gabriel Attal’s mother, I will not allow you!’ “, relate Point. Enough to prove that in the family, strength of character is passed on from generation to generation.

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