Gabriel Attal, this little phrase did not go unnoticed at the Salon de l’Agriculture: “Can I have my cigarette?”

A calmer visit than that of Emmanuel Macron. This Tuesday, February 27, at 7 a.m., Gabriel Attal arrived at the Agricultural Show. Going from stand to stand, he met the farmers for several hours. During this day, the head of government, aided by an imposing security service, above all played the relaxation card. A very rare thing during a visit, the Prime Minister was equipped with two lavalier microphones, which allowed the journalists present to hear and record everything he said. “They put microphones on me everywherebe careful what you say”, had fun saying from the first minutes to a close friend, the politician.

After a glass of milk and a tasting of mixed rum, he was enthusiastic about tasting the aligot. But between two tastings, in the crowd at the show, Gabriel Attal let slip a few sentences which did not go unnoticedas noted in the show Daily on TMC.Can I have my cigarette?, asked the Prime Minister, running up the stairs of the living room. Then a few hours after starting his visit, which lasted around ten hours, Gabriel Attal cuts off a conversation and says:Do I have time to go pee? These two questions with familiar language make you smile and show the much more relaxed atmosphere that reigned around the head of government than that around the president three days before.

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When Gabriel Attal gets annoyed

During this first Agricultural Show for Gabriel Attal, calm seemed appropriate. But the Prime Minister nevertheless became exasperated when farmers began to question him. Exasperated, the head of government ended up sending a protester down unexpectedly. “Come on, sir, go have a glass of milk!”, he said to hera very strange way of advertising the milk tasting stand which was right next door…

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