Game News Baldur’s Gate 3 receives a massive patch with hundreds of additions and changes. It’s time to get back to it!

Game news Baldur’s Gate 3 is receiving a massive patch with hundreds of additions and changes. It’s time to get back to it!

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Better late than never: two days after Valentine’s Day, patch number 6 was deployed on Baldur’s Gate 3. And as you might expect, it makes the a beautiful part for lovers.

Love is in the BG

Larian does not rest on its laurels, however numerous they may be. As their Baldur’s Gate 3 continues to rack up awards (including Game of the Year and Best Achievement at the DICE Awards), the developers continue to update it. This morning, update number 6 was deployed and here are the major updates:

↔ï¸ Easier dismissal of companions
💋 New, unique and random kisses
💋 New activities at the camp
🠛 Bug fixes, quality of life improvements, and more

Among these changes, we will note the addition of legendary actions in Honor mode! As a reminder, the latter was added during patch n°5. It offers a tough challenge to players since there is only one save location while the game ends when all members of the group have died.

A patch for Valentine’s Day

The deployment of this massive patch is also an opportunity to get back to it for the dozens and dozens of corrections made in-game (see official website). In addition to those mentioned above, we particularly welcome those concerning interface changes. There was an overall review of readability during the discussions; and other changes providing greater clarity. Massive, however, this patch seems to have been deployed… a little late according to Sven Vincke, the boss of Larian:

Wasn’t that scheduled for Wednesday?

Why Wednesday? For February 14 and probably for Valentine’s Day. In fact, patch #6 brings improvements to lip lock. Additionally, each character now kisses their partner in a “more reflective of their personality”. Enough to extend, even virtually, the lovers’ celebration.

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