Game news It reproduces the ENTIRE GTA 6 trailer in live action and this French YouTuber is creating a buzz!

Game news It reproduces the ENTIRE GTA 6 trailer in live action and this French YouTuber is creating a buzz!

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This GTA enthusiast caused an international sensation by reproducing the shots from the trailer for the sixth opus.

While fans no longer dared to hope for news of Grand Theft Auto VI, its trailer was indeed revealed last December. After leaks and many theories as to the trailer’s release date, fans were finally able to view the first images of the famous Rockstar franchise. Since then, Internet users have had the time to dissect each element of the few seconds of the trailer. Between interpretations of different elements of the game, and speeches from the real “Joker” from Florida, it is not uncommon to hear about the most anticipated video game of the decade.

In this context tinged with enthusiasm, some even go so far as to reproduce the images from the now cult trailer. A few weeks ago we were treated to the Hyundai version for the WRC rally championship. More realistically, a French YouTuber caused a sensation with his video called “GTA 6 but in REAL LIFE!” where he films the trailer locations in Miami.

It reproduces the GTA 6 trailer in real life

If you are a fan of French-speaking Youtube videos, you surely know CYRILmp4 which has been present on the platform for many years. The latter had also gained notoriety with its content on Grand Theft Auto V. More recently, he caused a sensation with a video where he goes to the location of the trailer for the sixth opus, in Florida. Gifted with excellent quality production, she paid homage to Rockstar’s work with shots extremely similar to the original video.

It is at the beginning of the video (1:30) that it is possible to see this breathtaking reproduction. Widely relayed on social networks, Internet users cannot believe the quality of his video. On Reddit, many admit to being impressed by the real-life details that Rockstar has brought into this trailer. Our colleagues from PCGamer also talked about this video, emphasizing how skillful Cyril and his team were, while praising the loyalty of the North American company, which is astounding. If you would like to watch his video, it is located above.

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