Game news The creator of Elden Ring talks about Bloodborne, a PS5 competitor for Skull and Bones, Death Stranding 2 more violent than the original… Here is today’s JV Recap

Game news The creator of Elden Ring talks about Bloodborne, a PS5 competitor for Skull and Bones, Death Stranding 2 more violent than the original… Here is today’s JV Recap

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On February 22, 2024, the JV editorial team offers you a summary of all the news of the day concerning video games and the video game industry in a generous way. rattle. Here’s today’s JV recap!

Elden Ring creator touched by fans’ love for Bloodborne

Finally, the developers ofElden Ring will not have waited for the game’s second anniversary to share with us some juicy information about the upcoming DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree. Yesterday, we were treated to a masterful trailer, as well as some confessions from its director Hidetaka Miyazaki. However, Elden Ring and its DLC were not the only subjects discussed during the numerous question-and-answer sessions in which the game’s director participated. From the site EurogamerMiyazaki mentioned Bloodbornewhile recalling that “ it’s a title that is close to our hearts » and that he is “ very happy to see that there are still so many people passionate about the game “. Enough to develop a remake? He says new machines and accessibility are important factors to consider. In short, we don’t know if the idea is making more and more sense in his mind, but the fervor and comments from the players have not fallen on deaf ears.

The Shadow of the Erdtree trailer is full of references!

Since yesterday, there has been excitement about the return ofElden Ring and players around the world are watching the trailer over and over again in order to spot the slightest interesting reference. Obviously, some have noticed with difficulty the numerous influences of the manga Berserk, whether at the sight of the new bosses or the ornaments present on their equipment. However, there was an even more subtle reference in the trailer and this refers directly to Sekiro since one of the characters performs a melee movement which is reminiscent of that of one of the enemies in the gamereleased in March 2019.

FF7 Rebirth creative director begs not to spoil the game

We are a week away from the release of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and impatience is at its height among the fans, especially since the tests are finally out. You can also consult ours via the following article. While knowing that players will soon discover the first images and the first elements of intrigue, Tetsuya Nomura issued a press release to beg players not to share images that risk spoiling those who will not discover the title until February 29. If the warning has been issued, however, we advise you to hide as many keywords as possible on social networks if you are used to spending a lot of time there.

A real change of tone between the two parts of Death Stranding: the sequel will be more violent

He was expected as the messiah by Hideo Kojima fans, and he finally deigned to return to the spotlight. During the last State of Play, Death Stranding 2: On the Beach came to conclude Sony’s presentation in a masterful manner, while announcing that it would be one of the notable releases of 2025. Over the next few months, you should expect to obtain a whole lot of information through interviews given by the actors who lend their features to the characters in the game. A few days ago, it was Norman Reedus who distilled the first elements, announcing among other things that the story of this sequel East ” really crazy » and that the atmosphere will be different from Death Stranding because it has “ the impression that the first game had something very passive, very open and calm “, where the sequel seems to have a ” a little more violent “.

Sea of ​​Thieves comes to battle on PS5 and goes to seize the treasure of Skull and Bones: the players

Recently, there were many rumors about the arrival of a handful of Microsoft exclusives on competing media. From now on, it is a certainty for several titles, like Hi-Fi Rush. In addition to this little nugget, released last year without warning, it is another very popular title on Xbox and PC which will raise the sails towards the PS5, namely Sea of ​​Thieves. The development studio Rare spoke a few hours ago and indeed confirmed the upcoming launch of Sea of ​​Thieves on PS5: April 30, more precisely. Skull and Bones may have something to worry about, the era of piracy will increase in intensity in the coming weeks.

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