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Deco with paint

The sea breeze blows on these candle holders. Using masking tape, mark out the areas to be tinted. Then with the colors of your choice, paint the background or the bands, one by one, leaving to dry well between the different colors. Remove the ribbon when the paint is dry then decorate with the stained glass ring.

Masking tape, turquoise, white and blue Chalky Finish paint (Rayer), Vitrea Nacré ring (Pébéo), 6 cm foam roller, at Cultura. Cost: approx. 25 €.

Extremely simple with glued paper

To decorate simple store-bought lanterns or transform glass jars into candle holders, choose fairly thin colored papers. With patterned hole punches or a craft knife, cut out ornaments. Spray glue spray on the back, then stick them on the glass, using tweezers if necessary. Smooth the paper with your finger and let dry for an hour.

Paper with floral or geometric patterns (Décopatch), pattern punch (Artemio), spray glue, at Truffaut. Cost: around 20 €.


Salvage with rope

Rustic or navy, the rope always has its effect. Create pom poms and tassels with different lengths of thread. Dress the top of the lantern with several turns of rope, finish with a knot and hang the tassels at the ends, as well as an embellishment of your choice (leaf, fish …) bought in the trade or pearls, small driftwood , shells …

Glass lantern, 10 x 18 cm, jute or hemp rope, cardboard or wood embellishment, at CreaVea. Cost: around 12 €.


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