Gastronomy Good for the heart, rich in vitamin C… The benefits of raspberries

good for the heart

Like other red fruits, the raspberry makes hearts beat… Literally and figuratively! Indeed, it would have the power to slow down the free radicals at the origin of bad cholesterol. This avoids the accumulation of bad fats in the arteries and related cardiovascular problems. Loaded with antioxidants, this beloved berry also improves blood circulation. A major asset as summer approaches, often synonymous with heavy legs. Thanks to the action of its minerals, it plays a key preventive role in the appearance of cancers (of the colon or the liver).

Better skin quality

To find a peach skin and prevent premature signs of aging, raspberries moult into a tasty cocktail of youth. A safe remedy, raspberry accelerates cell renewal and thus improves the elasticity of the skin. Natural anti-aging, it sends fine lines six feet underground. Raspberries improve the tenacity of small blood vessels thus erasing unsightly skin redness. At the same time, they soothe other inflammations that drum on the epidermis.

The raspberry is rich in vitamin C. A portion of 100 grams provides the body with more than 30% of the necessary daily intake. Photo Shutterstock

Rich in vitamin C

It is well known that to fill up with vitality and reconnect with vivacity, plates must be fueled with vitamin C. Among the foods that contain it, we find, again and again, the raspberry. A portion of 100 grams provides the body with more than 30% of the necessary daily intake. They are also doped with minerals and iron, essential for a good overall balance. In short, an explosive energizer!

Anti-inflammatory properties

Curved back, sedentary lifestyle, fingers overworked by the succession of clicks… Many are the pains that germinate because of bad daily postures. Certain foods like raspberry have an anti-inflammatory profile that can be a game-changer and get the body’s wheels moving again. This red fruit is able to soothe people suffering from osteoarthritis and prevent the risk of osteoporosis.

Slimming ally

With raspberry, it is possible to combine pleasure and lightness. Count only 38 kcal per 100 g. A thin figure that is not likely to rub off on the scale. As a bonus, its glycemic index is quite low, which makes it a dessert of choice for diabetics or people on a diet.

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