Georgina Fleur: After a week she is back with Kubliay Özdemir

Georgina Fleur is back with her ex-boyfriend. The curious thing: only last week the couple separated with a lot of thirds.

Georgina Fleur (30) is back with ex-boyfriend Kubilay Özdemir (41). Just last week, the reality TV star announced the separation in tears and raised serious allegations. But now everything should be fine again.

In her Instagram story, Fleur shows herself and Özdemir together on the way to the reunion show of the RTL program "Das Sommerhaus der Stars", in which the two had participated. "Team Kubi is on the way", writes the ex-jungle camp participant and even calls her supposed ex-boyfriend "sweetheart". As a symbol of love, they even attach a lock to Cologne's Hohenzollern Bridge.

There was already trouble in the summer house

What is behind the reconciliation between Georgina and "Kubi" is unclear. Even in the "summer house of the stars" the tatters flew between the two. The other participants were not spared either: the couple had to leave the show early because Özdemir spat in the face of the ex "Bachelor" Andrej Mangold (33).

The big reunion of the celebrity couples from the "Summer House of the Stars" runs on November 1st, right after the final on RTL. It should be exciting, because one scandal followed the next on the show. Accordingly, the reunion is likely to be riotous.