Gérard Louvin and her husband accused of incest: Current Woman The MAG

The newspaper The world unveils a new case of incest Monday, January 25, 2021, only a few days after the accusations against Olivier Duhamel. Olivier A, the nephew of producer Gérard Louvin, accuses his uncle and the latter's husband Daniel Moyne, of "rapes on minors under 15 years old by ascendant", "complicity in rapes on minors under 15 years old by ascendant" and "corruption of minors"in a complaint lodged with the Paris prosecutor, through his lawyer Pierre Debuisson on Friday January 8, 2021. In these documents, Olivier A. claims to have been the victim of numerous acts of sexual assault from his 10 to his 14 years old Initially, it would have been "caresses" and "masturbations". "Then he was allegedly subjected to more serious abuse since he claims to have been forced to perform blowjobs on Daniel Moyne ", can we read in the complaint.

Now 48 years old, Olivier A returned to the newspaper columns on these incidents of incest which allegedly took place in the 1980s during repeated weekends in their apartment in Boulogne-Billancourt (Hauts-de-Seine ). At the time, his uncle Daniel Moyne, also a producer, was around 36 years old. "Really soon, I couldn't tell you if it's the first or the second weekend it has started. Daniel is lying next to me. With his caresses, he wakes up my body. I can tell today, I have an erection. I find out, it's mechanical. He must feel that. He takes my hand, puts it on his penis, on his erection. He is in boxer shorts. He shows me how to masturbate, I don't know all that. I don't know if that was the night he put my head … It all happened little by little. It's pretty quiet, " said Olivier A. The scenario would then have repeated itself many times : "I realize that something is wrong. Daniel, it's family. I feel that when Daniel comes to my room, it doesn't bother me anymore. But I know I have to do it to him. pleasure. It has become ritual, normal ".

Olivier A. ended up putting words on his suffering

Sexual assaults that young Olivier took a long time to talk about and which would have had a strong impact on his life: after having repeated his fifth grade and then his fifth grade, the young boy had a series of failures and ended up becoming addicted to joints and then to substances during his teenage years. "I could see he had problems, but I didn't know which ones. For me it was drugs."says a very good friend of his.

It was not until the mid-2000s that Olivier A finally put his suffering into words, during family therapy. But his mother did not hear him at the time. Like Evelyne Pisier, wife of Olivier Duhamel, she first closed her eyes:"At first, I didn't want to believe it. I didn't associate the idea of ​​my brother, whom I admired, and that of a pedophile. That's what I told my shrink: I didn't couldn't put the two photos next to each other. And, as Olivier didn't talk to me about it anymore, that probably suited me ", she explained to World. In 2014, Olivier A. had the opportunity to tell him his side of the story again. At the time, he had just been contacted by investigators from the juvenile brigade following a report concerning the adopted son of Gérard Louvin and Daniel Moyne. Heard as a witness, Olivier A. had then "burst the abscess". The Paris public prosecutor's office dismissed this case on September 5, 2016 due to limitation.

Gérard Louvin and her husband deny the facts

Gérard Louvin and her husband deny these accusations altogether and denounce a "money story". Contacted by the newspaper, Me Ayela assures us that his client "is the victim of constant blackmail for money from Olivier, because he thinks that Gérard is very rich, so he asks him for money on pain of filing a complaint. Recently, he took a lawyer who asked for 750,000 euros. But Gérard Louvin refuses to give in to this blackmail ".

The council further states that "Gérard denies having by passivity or complicity allowed anything to be done, and even less to have encouraged anything. He absolutely denies having closed his eyes to what could have happened during this period". Same story with Céline Bekerman, Daniel Moyne's lawyer, who tells Le Monde: "The Duhamel case has freed the floor of incest victims, It’s a godsend, but these very serious cases must not become a pretext for extortion. ”

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