Germany's next top model: That's what "Personality Award" winner Tamara fared

Germany's Next Topmodel
This is what happened to "Personality Award" winner Tamara

Tamara was even allowed to accompany model mom Heidi Klum to the amfAR gala in 2020.

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Tamara was sixth in "Germany's Next Top Model" in 2020. In the interview she tells us what has happened in her life since she took part.

2020 was not enough for Tamara (20) at "Germany's next top model" to win the show. For this she received the coveted "Personality Award" and was even allowed to moderate the finale backstage. With her honest and open manner, the Viennese played her way into the hearts of the audience and made it to at least sixth place among Heidi's girls. In an interview with the news agency spot on news, the top model candidate reveals what her current life is like and what her future plans are.

What has changed for you after your "GNTM" participation?

Tamara: Everything. My whole life has turned 180 degrees and I became known from one day to the other. Since then I can hardly go outside without being recognized. But the biggest change is that since taking part I have been able to stand on my own two feet, earn my own money and no longer depend on my parents. I left home and moved to Berlin.

Have you remained loyal to modeling?

Tamara: Unfortunately, not many shootings can be carried out at the moment due to Corona and unfortunately I couldn't do any modeling jobs. But I'm still not bored, because in addition to moving to the capital, I have done social media campaigns for Diesel, Zalando and the perfume by Naomi Campbell, among others. And I'm also putting out my feelers in the areas of film, dance and singing. My dad is a cameraman and, among other things, directed films for ORF and with him I watched some cult films from the 80s, such as "Crazy Love – love in black and white". I also used the time to keep myself fit and studied dance choir graphics with a friend

Did the show open up new career aspirations for you?

Tamara: I very much hope that after we have survived Corona, I can model more again. But I also find acting super exciting. I think it's great to slip into other roles, because I can really live it out. Maybe I'll take acting classes, because one of my big dreams is to play in a Hollywood blockbuster one day. You can dream.

You have frankly stated that you participated in "GNTM" to become famous. Did you achieve this goal?

Tamara: Well, as I already said, I can hardly go out into the street without being recognized. In Berlin it is of course a little easier than at home. I hoped through "GNTM" that I could create a platform for myself and I believe that, not least because of my strong character, I succeeded. In the show I talked a lot about my feelings and experiences and of course I hope that this will also help other young people.

In the "GNTM" final you were a backstage presenter – could you imagine starting a career in moderation?

Tamara: I can definitely imagine moderating something again, although the live broadcast was a real challenge. It was a great honor that I was allowed to try this out and that they placed their trust in me. However, I would do a coaching and practice again before the next moderation of a live broadcast. It all looks so simple, but moderating and especially a live broadcast is really a lot of work.