Gifts for expectant fathers: 10 creative and beautiful ideas

Gifts for expectant fathers
Soon-to-be dads will be happy about that

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Have you announced a baby in your circle of friends or family? We have selected some suitable gifts for fathers-to-be that the soon-to-be dad will definitely be happy about.

Nine months of anticipation and preparation: Expectant parents are about to enter a new chapter in their lives. If you want to make a friend, work colleague or brother happy for this occasion, we have collected suitable gift ideas for you here. Whether books with valuable tips for the time with a baby, useful or funny things – you can get inspiration here. Have fun giving!

Advice for expectant fathers

The soon-to-be dad would like to find out as much as possible about the time of pregnancy, the birth and the first days and weeks with the baby? Then a guide is just what you need! There are various informative and attractively designed guides for expectant parents and also explicitly for expectant fathers on the market. The bestseller “Dad, be ready” gives tips on all topics related to pregnancy and the first year with a child. In a bonus section, the soon-to-be dad also learns what the baby’s initial equipment includes, which important dates are coming up in the first year and how to apply for child benefit, parental leave and the birth certificate correctly.

diaper cake

A diaper cake is a popular classic gift for birth, but it can also be given in advance. The gift is definitely useful, because new parents can never have too many diapers. Simply giving away an XXL pack of it seems loveless. Instead, you can take the diapers to a so-called diaper cake or pile up an impressive work of art – there are no limits to creativity and there are various handicraft instructions on the Internet. For those who are less handy, there is also the opportunity to buy pretty diaper cakes.

sling for the baby

A sling a useful gift. So dad can have his child very close to him and still have his hands free for daily tasks. There are different types of slings. The cloth should offer stability and security and be made of skin-friendly fabric.

baby clothes

It is also a nice gesture to surprise the expectant parents with a gift for the child, for example baby clothes. To imagine how the little daughter or son soon in that mini body will look like is guaranteed to increase the expectant parents’ anticipation. Also nice: tiny socks for baby feet are sure to make the hearts of expectant parents beat faster. When buying, make sure to choose a skin-friendly and breathable fabric.

Printed mug

A cup with a funny saying is a classic gift and puts the recipient in a good mood every day at the breakfast table or in the office. There are several for expectant dads Sayings Mugs on offer such as “Papa 2021 Loading” or “The Walking Dad”. If you want something a little more personal, you can also have an individual saying, photos or images printed on a simple mug, which will definitely make it a lot of fun.

Printed t-shirt

What applies to cups also applies to shirts or hoodies: a funny matching print ensures anticipation and a good mood among the parents-to-be. Personalize the garment or choose from the wide range of dad t shirts. The “Papa Loading 2021” model, for example, is available in all colors and sizes and is also available in a version for mums-to-be.

baby diary

Not only the future dad is happy about this: In one baby diary parents can capture the most beautiful moments from their baby’s first year. The first steps, the first word – in a baby diary there is space for anecdotes, notes and photos to remember. When the child grows up, it will certainly enjoy looking at the book.


Lucky bags are always a fun gift idea. There are surprise bags for a wide variety of occasions – including one for expectant parents! These contain funny and useful little things for the recipient. To give the gift a little more personal touch, open the bag carefully on the bottom and add something personal like a voucher or a letter.

scratch calendar

Every day a new field is scratched off with baby development tips and information, amazing facts and valuable tips. The calendar has fields for the time from the 5th to the 38th week of pregnancy and the contents are precisely tailored to the course of the pregnancy. That’s how you learn every day. pregnancy calendar are available in different colors and designs.

First Aid Kit

A first aid box can be put together for the father-to-be, mother-to-be or both parents. The box can contain useful and fun things such as chocolate, sweets, a sleep mask, tea, an anti-stress ball… There are ready-made items compiled boxes to buy. Of course, it is more personal to design and fill such a box yourself.

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