GNTM: The models are facing a grueling casting marathon

The models are facing a grueling casting marathon

“GNTM”: The models have to cope with a casting marathon this week.

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In the new “GNTM” episode, the models are facing a stressful casting week. For whom is the journey over after moving into the top 10?

The top 10 is certain: From now on only Yasmin (19), Soulin (20), Luca (19), Romina (21), Alex (23), Ashley (22), Dascha (20), Elisa (20) , Liliana (21) and Ana (20) for the title “Germany’s next top model”. In the new episode (April 22, 8:15 p.m., ProSieben) the ten model candidates are facing one thing above all else: “Castings, castings and castings,” announces Heidi Klum (47) full of anticipation. There is also a very special reunion in the new week: Thomas Hayo (52) supports Heidi as a guest judge.

Heidi has rented a centrally located penthouse in Berlin for the ten girls to be able to show up on time for all auditions. Thomas Hayo is supposed to coach the models before the casting marathon. “To be with ‘GNTM’ is really great. It’s like a family reunion,” says the happy 52-year-old, who came from New York.

The next job for Soulin and Zweifel at Romina

For Yasmin, Elisa, Soulin, Romina and Dascha, the marathon begins with a casting for Flaconi. We are looking for the face for a new beauty box that will also be advertised on social media. For now, the task seems to be made for Romina, who has already gained some experience as an influencer. Ultimately, the choice falls once again on Soulin. The others are very disappointed. “The fourth casting and still no job. I’m getting into trouble from Mama Heidi,” fears Dasha. Wrongly, as it turns out later.

Meanwhile, Alex, Liliana and Ana are doing the “InStyle” job. The fashion magazine wants to photograph an accessory series with sunglasses. Means: “The focus is clearly on the face,” explains editor-in-chief Kerstin Weng. The challenge: All three girls have to pose in a photo box and take over the direction independently. Above all, Liliana is convincing, as she is getting her first job.

Romina, Elisa, Dascha and Alex get a new chance at the fashion label Galvan London. There, the four girls have to skillfully stage different items of clothing while running and during a shoot. Alex was able to inspire the jury from the very first second. Conclusion: She also got her first job.

In the casting of Invisibobble, a hair accessories brand, Dasha can finally prevail against Soulin and Romina. She is going home with her first job. Meanwhile, especially with Romina, the uncertainty grows. Back at the penthouse, she bursts into tears.

A strict designer unsettles the models

At the casting of Kilian Kerner (42), Ashley and Luca now also have the chance to convince a customer of themselves. The designer is looking for models to present his collection on the catwalk at Berlin Fashion Week. All the girls were invited, the pressure is immense. What the models don’t know: Heidi and Thomas will constantly watch their young models how they do with the customer. As they are only one door away from the location, whispering is the order of the day.

Kerner scrutinizes the applicants with a strict eye. His direct manner causes uncertainty among the models: “I think you don’t seem at all self-confident. I have the feeling that you don’t even dare to talk to me. You are very reserved and shy, like a girl who is afraid who has confirmation, “he remarks on Ana. Heidi and Thomas agree with the designer. You are sure Ana lost her chance. In the end, Kerner decides in favor of Dasha. You excited him from the start. “This dress was yours,” he enthuses. A little later, Heidi and Thomas’ set is also revealed. The models are even more astonished when they find out that the next decision is imminent.

Heidi raves about Dasha

During the elimination, Heidi and Thomas review the casting marathon again. Soulin, Alex and Liliana managed to get a job. Dasha even secured two new customers. “The demand is there, people want you,” assures you Heidi. Romina has not been able to secure a single one of a total of seven jobs. The jury asks. “I think it was because I was really very nervous,” says Romina. But she wants to fight and is getting on. Heidi will demand more self-confidence from Ana in the future: “Next week I want to see more power.”

One who went down this week by both the customers and the jury is Elisa. There is no photo for them this week, the dream of “Germany’s next top model” is over. But she doesn’t want to let herself get down: “But there are so much worse things in life than getting out of here. I will miss Romina the most.”