GOOD DEAL on VirtuaVerse offered for the end of the Summer Sale 2022

The Summer Sale 2022 are coming to an end soon GOG.comand the game platform without DRM decided to offer a final title to celebrate. After sanitarium, Venetica: Gold Edition, Beautiful Desolation and Flashbackit is VirtuaVerse which is to be recovered free of charge for a few days.

As a reminder, VirtuaVerse is an adventure game in point & click taking place in a futuristic world cyberpunkwith some Technomancersgraffiti artists, hackers, cryptoshamans and digital archaeologists operate in a debauched virtual world. A title to add to your library games before June 27, 1:00 p.m.

The sales will end on the same date on GOG.combut at 10 p.m. The platform takes the opportunity to highlight other titles released in 2020 as VirtuaVerse and currently on promotion, as well as several games cyberpunk must-haves as Deus Ex, SystemShock, Syndicate, Shadowrun Returns, Observe and of course Cyberpunk 2077also at reduced prices for a few more days.

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