good plan captivating readings at will: the kob ebooks subscription

Good news for book devourers, the Fnac bookstore is launching its ebooks subscription, Kobo + by Fnac! A great offer to grab from today in the digital books section of Fnac: subscribe to Kobo + by Fnac and have thrilling ebooks at your disposal every month. We invite you to test Kobo + by Fnac for free by taking advantage of a 14-day trial, without obligation.

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Winter is fast approaching. There is nothing better to make the most of this season than to build up a small online library filled with captivating readings, and according to your tastes. THEThe Fnac ebooks subscription catalog wanted to bring together exciting titles to guarantee you readings that keep you going, whatever your favorite literary genre. Running out of inspiration to find the work you like? We have the solution! You benefit from relevant reading tips and recommendations and discover new titles. Convenient, isn’t it? We will explain everything to you.

Indulge yourself with lots of captivating reads with Kobo + by Fnac

Because readers deserve to be fed their desire to discover diverse and varied works, Fnac strives to satisfy its customers and offers a high-quality catalog.
You will be seduced by a nice selection of the most captivating readings of recent years in the categories very popular with readers: Polar, Romance, Feel Good, Fantasy…

To please new Kobo + by Fnac members, we give you the benefit of 6 fascinating tracks from Marc Lévy, included in your subscription, and many other books by renowned authors at 0 euro:

Benefit from monthly recommendations, provided by authors and / or influencers. You will pick from it the necessary and fun information to make your reading choices with the trends of the moment (including the most read titles and the most borrowed by the community of readers). For the launch, Anne-Gaëlle Huon, famous author, recommends Knots of steel, a captivating thriller, by Sandrine Collette.
Thus, by subscribing to the Kobo + by Fnac subscription, you will never be short of reading!

Each month, thanks to your Kobo + by Fnac ebooks subscription, you have a wide choice of electronic books, to discover on the free Kobo by Fnac application, or on your Kobo by Fnac e-reader. Of the 3 million ebooks available for download at, you will find 500,000 references, including 50,000 titles in French in the Kobo + by Fnac catalog. Captivating readings are just a click away! Great opportunity for all avid readers, and for all those who are afraid of not having a book under their elbow, because you have access to thousands of page turners for a single price. From two monthly readings, you get a return on your subscription ! Indisputable advantage for heavy readers, who will be delighted to make significant savings on their reading budget.

As you will have understood, you have access to a plethora of library! Enter the literary universe of your choice and enjoy reading your favorite works, selected according to your tastes.

Where and how to take advantage of the Kobo + by Fnac ebooks subscription offer?

Concretely, to discover Kobo + by Fnac, your captivating online library, it’s very simple: you turn on your Kobo by Fnac e-reader, and synchronize your Fnac account, or download and open the Kobo by Fnac Android or iOS app. Then, it’s up to you to choose your favorite titles, on your mobile, e-reader or tablet. And to have your titles always at hand, think about downloading! This will allow you to read offline.

After 14 days of free trial and for only 9.99 € / month, you have available as many books as you want. It’s non-binding, so you have the option to cancel your subscription at any time and resume it whenever you want. Additional bonus: your reading history is preserved!

So, are you ready to take advantage of this tempting offer? Select the ebook that interests you and click on the “Borrow with subscription” option. You will be redirected to the Kobo partner site to complete your subscription.

I would like to take advantage of the Kobo + by Fnac offer: it’s through here !

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