Google integrates Gemini AI into its Messages application, Gmail is the victim of a new phishing method, this is the recap of the week

Users of the Messages application will soon be able to use Gemini AI, many Gmail and Microsoft 365 accounts threatened by hackers, Free partners with the company Qiara, specializing in alarm systems, this is the recap ‘ of the week.

Scientists have reproduced the behavior of a black hole in a laboratory, Google Messages is equipped with Gemini AI and Free is establishing itself in the connected and secure homes market with a new partnership with Qiara. As a new investigation reveals Starlink devices have landed on the black market, a new phishing method could put your Microsoft 365 and Gmail accounts at risk.

An experiment on earth to better understand black holes

It is in England that a team of researchers managed to reproduce the behavior of a black hole in order to better understand them. Scientists at the University of Nottingham have indeed created a quantum tornado from superfluid helium. Researchers have been trying to observe and reproduce a black hole on Earth for seven years and this recent study is very encouraging.

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The Gemini chatbot arrives in the Messages application

If you’re a beta tester of the Messages app and you own one of the recent Android smartphones from Samsung or Google, you can now use Gemini AI directly from Google Messages. Indeed, Google has decided to integrate its chatbot into its messaging application and users will therefore be able to use chat to converse with the AI ​​assistant.

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“Tycoon 2FA”: a new phishing method attacks your Microsoft 365 and Gmail accounts

A new phishing method has been spotted by cybersecurity researchers from the company Sekoia. Called “Tycoon 2FA”, this “toolbox” allows hackers to steal login credentials for Gmail and Microsoft 365 accounts without being detected by antiviruses. Visit our dedicated news to understand how this new phishing technique works.

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A new partnership between Free and Qiara

The company Qiara, specializing in alarm systems, is joining forces with Free to offer subscribers a remote monitoring solution. The Essential pack is a connected alarm system composed of a connected camera, a siren, a motion detector with infrared sensor, a door or window opening detector and a digital keypad . Do not hesitate to take a look at our news to find out the different plans available for Free subscribers.

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More and more Starlink terminals on the black market

Bloomberg has just lifted the veil on a worrying observation concerning Starlink terminals. Indeed, a survey was carried out and reveals that satellite connection kits are increasingly being sold on the black market. The terminals thus land in countries where SpaceX has not yet received government authorization to distribute its technology. This bad news highlights the need to quickly find solutions to limit the illegal use of Elon Musk’s technology.

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Our tests of the week

Xiaomi 14 Ultra: an excellent camera phone provided you have the budget

Xiaomi offers here a smartphone with an original design which will appeal to consumers thanks to its powerful processor, its excellent photo section and its good autonomy. The screen is very well calibrated, charging is fast and the Xiaomi 14 Ultra is pleasant to hold, even if it is very thick. Be careful, it heats up a lot in game and its price is not suitable for all wallets.

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Nothing Phone 2a: excellent value for money

Sold for less than 350 euros, the Nothing Phone 2a is a serious candidate if you are looking for a device that offers excellent autonomy, overall fluidity and a very well calibrated screen. We would have appreciated discovering a charger in the box and we regret the absence of graphic equalizer. On the photo side, we note good quality of the 2x optical zoom, the selfie and ultra wide angle sensor but note that there is no tele zoom sensor.

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Princess Peach Showtime: an attractive game despite a short lifespan

Princess Peach Showtime is a game full of charm that will seduce you with its ingenious artistic direction, its beautiful staging and its quality original soundtrack. It’s a title suitable for all audiences and we love finding Peach without Mario. That being said, it’s a fairly short game that lacks challenge. Big downside for this latest exclusive from Nintendo, the unacceptable slow loading times.

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